Can you listen to the rain fall

Under the rain, the whole world will be hazy up. So many people hate the rain, and in my view, the most beautiful is the rainy season. Rainy night and yellowish lights bloom out in perfect angle, the entire circle beautiful rays so clearly thing that catches the eyes that teach people to love, to illuminate the floating inclined drizzle, illuminating the I eyeful of surprise. Actually would like to see this in the middle of the road.
Since in this misty rainy season is to go boating on the lake, a back. Shuiguang trembling, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, this idea, I am afraid only “to catch the edge of autumn dream”.
Often likes a person walking in the rain, it is best to xixilili of light rain, light turn umbrella, umbrella along the surrounding rain would dance to the, rotates into a beautiful arc, evil spirit it is good-looking. If that people can occasionally make a chill of cold rain, will be better. Even if because of their self willed and a cold, but also willingly. Yu Guangzhong in “listen to the rain”, wrote: “as long as the rain poured down, wind and cross wind, hold an umbrella in the rain is still a classic charm.” Rain, really close with a classical beauty, the vicissitudes of life is not lost, it is from ancient times has been falling to the current rain ah! So the rain affection again suddenly became sublime.
Rain, there is always one of the association to the South Lane in the rain — “supporting the oiled paper umbrella, alone / hesitation in the long, long Solitary lane in the rain. / I hope across / a clove like / a melancholy girl.”
Choshinensis hole diameter, water boat, whisper; in all, rainy night Lanshan, wet wet lane. If the lack of rain, there are so many people “to the South”?
Through the lonely alley in the rain, nature can appreciate the rains brought a touch of melancholy. Fragrance smell fine rain seems to be able to smell the “Weicheng towards the rain has settled the light dust” the witness of sadness seems to be able to smell “but it bashanyeyu” the endless thinking unhappy, seems to smell “how many loutai Yanyu” that leisurely ancient sorrow. Therefore, always full of Sorrow Sad rain. However, met in the rainy season, people who and sorrow will not be turned into a cavity tender feelings, suck the rain kiss to the world and eventually abandon melancholy and willful chic, “misty rain let life”.
The rain, and always make people miss the flowers,
“The wind sudden rain last night, slept less than the residual alcohol concentration. Ask the shutter, but still Begonia road. Do you know, do you know? Should be flourishing leaves and withering flowers.”
The history, how many people are there in the spring rain sad flowers, hate the youth “grind to dust scattered into the mud”. Indeed, often spring will do, I would sigh: “poor spring Xi, poor spring! Fangfei fall Mancheng empty, not all people get too.” However, I was grateful to the rain, thank her dirty Zhuo net, thank her heart to thank her for everything into the water, right. Everything has its inevitability, the rain, it is the rain, so that all naturally occurring, on the right track. A loading cycle, Chunhua will smile as the old, to believe that life is a normally open unbeaten flowers. It is a year fall red, I told myself, do not hurt, do not hurt, so all this destiny.
Spring is warm and moist, Xia Yu mania, autumn bleak, cold winter rain. But no matter what the rain, I love to the extreme.
Cold rain Mian Lin drunk, who made the drizzle many worries. Is the return of seasonal views, the hall of music?

Learn art of comfort

Learn art of comfort

Some comfort, or sound like Schadenfreude, or like a boast comfort people can do want comfort, but because they do not understand the art of comfort, not only not to comfort others, may well formation damage. Although insiders do not have to pay attention to, but do not pay attention to this top, friends do is also possible. When others of their own alienated and confused, think kindness was as an intention, in fact, had their own comfort it liver hurts me.

Many people tried to comfort people do not know how to comfort, it is hardly surprising that they, because they hurt when others give comfort, may not be in place, the way they used to such a familiar comfort, then pass it on to others, it may not be intentional damage, but out of ignorance.

All of us, is the lack of power, wait for the other, but nothing, after all, this is not a substitute for, comforted each other and can’t find the right words and actions, and anxiety.

On a rough dry:

1, in order to comfort people, their ability to foot.

The best comfort, not to solve problems. Why people sad? Others worried about what? Some things may be their problem too, but may not solve some things but you can. Go root of the problem, not floating on the surface, a few nice words is good, but more powerful. Normally should develop capabilities, the key moment will come in handy. A friend worried about scars after the operation, the thing I don’t understand, but I well versed in cosmetic surgery doctor friend, and know that imported drugs works well, so I bought her off.

Put yourself in, offer to help is often the most effective way. If you ask people directly “is there I can do to help? “Others may not be the nerve to say, exploring problems stretched out a helping hand, it would be better.

2, the restrained mood, control emotions.

One friend said, a friend died suddenly, widow of continuously received various telephone calls of sympathy, some people spoke and began to cry, widow to break the comfort of others in the past. This reverses the roles, although in good faith, but does not meet the purpose of comforting, emotional restraint of the restraint.

Some people with marital problems, so the men how a bunch of girlfriends called slag, urging a divorce, and later, the couple reconciled, and girlfriends also alienated. In such cases, the parties may call, no one else can, curse, not showing much loyalty, don’t scold, is not without concern, comfort comes in many ways, not necessarily had to scold a dog person.

Once upon a time, friends divorced and with her for a walk in the city, walked half a city, don’t talk, just to walk in silence with. She never scolded hubby, I did not mention. The man slowly fade out. She later organized a family very happy.

3, stand in each other’s point of view.

Frankly, some comfort like a show, just to express “I care about you”, “when you’re not happy, and I have no vacancy”, but is there to give you excellent value comfort, it’s bad to say. TVB dramas in the classic “you’re hungry or not? I’ll get you noodles “, though old, it really is true comfort, much better than the beginning. But it’s not enough, why not? Because just standing in their own point of view, without consideration for the other party: people like to eat noodles? If you want to eat the ravioli?

Anything happen, of course, a reason, not hindsight, show their Huan-ming, complain about each other’s missteps, because things have happened, and complained to no avail, not to mention the other heart is very bad, with reminders, as well to divert attention.

4, listening and company.

Gently hold other of hand, embrace, listening other of told, not interrupted, nodded response, help other wipe to tears, cooking to other eat, gift music and books, do other can transfer attention of things, not complained, not displayed bored, if think some words not convenient opening told, wrote e-mail or wrote in stationery Shang, convey mind, help other analysis encountered of problem, to out recommends of solution programme, help other connection available of resources, block other do hurt himself of thing, necessary of when, Trying to pull each other together to exercise and feel natural.
Who will encounter hard times in life, accompanied by friends to get through hard times, with warmth and meticulous care help friend alone in the night, the comfort is really moving comfort.

I will not dishonor the name of

One day a few years ago, I suddenly drop when a long train ride, the first bird, Yanzhou get off to find someone, she lived in the city, we’d never seek health have with each other through the generous two-drawer letter.
~ Individual, the city suddenly becomes very warm air.
Met, before I speak, and she was mindlessly shouting my name. Because a people, I knows has forever as men like full bloody of Tarzan and that mountains and mountains Zhijian puzzled of confused, also understand has classical of Qufu–a at well time polished of places landscape projection in mind in, on into has ~ site painting along a article deep of green stone into to, grey of old housing, hand touch up, has dust, following show dark of light, continuous of gloomy breath from hollow of lattice in slowly revealing to • • • • • · We sat in the last midnight ~ open air film on the stone bench, listening to her song back to write their own poem, her poetry is childish and unusually moving. I’m surprised she can breath eat five large bars of chocolate did not drink a SIP of water. The coldest day since this is winter, fire most of the winter, could not help her request, I spoke of a winter memory far, there had been a fire story, ~, my heart is full of water. Regardless of speaker or audience, expressions are unfunded.
When I left, she gave me two hand-made only small umbrella Palm, blue, is the color of the day. Then, I went to the South. Xu had character, I like make the heart go further, and friends live apart. On the other side is far from the dream world, I strive, struggle, and tears · · · · · · Come back, are for two years. I’m tired, I’m not clear he did not intend to look back at the moment, don’t care about everything in his cheek. • We’ve offered him on the desk with her came more than 10 letters, I was a little dumbfounded for a General Assembly
By the date of mailing, in which, after she failed the college entrance examination in a rural hospital to work # about a soldier, hero mountain training place in Jinan Jining city, she has been admitted to a University, is a computer professional · · · · Last is ~ before written. · · · · · · If you help me by the hand so long so long, while Jia today I still not their dreams which way is more skillfully · · · School psychological counseling ~ with a Sun box, I as a member of the, served as head of the communication problems, because of work, I did not hesitate to use your nickname for a sturdy grass · · · · · · There are many words, after books, still need to learn in life. The past few years, I just want to say, all the tribulations of life behind, you taught me strength, self-control, modesty, the law, not self-centered, love as much as possible, and take care. I will not dishonor the name

I’m making a cup of tea, put a few outdated songs, forgotten words will only hum, hum the old songs. I don’t think that’s up to 30 years with nostalgia how hopeless it is. Modern are less prone to injury, but, in that moment, I was forced to know about in advance.