Learn art of comfort

Learn art of comfort

Some comfort, or sound like Schadenfreude, or like a boast comfort people can do want comfort, but because they do not understand the art of comfort, not only not to comfort others, may well formation damage. Although insiders do not have to pay attention to, but do not pay attention to this top, friends do is also possible. When others of their own alienated and confused, think kindness was as an intention, in fact, had their own comfort it liver hurts me.

Many people tried to comfort people do not know how to comfort, it is hardly surprising that they, because they hurt when others give comfort, may not be in place, the way they used to such a familiar comfort, then pass it on to others, it may not be intentional damage, but out of ignorance.

All of us, is the lack of power, wait for the other, but nothing, after all, this is not a substitute for, comforted each other and can’t find the right words and actions, and anxiety.

On a rough dry:

1, in order to comfort people, their ability to foot.

The best comfort, not to solve problems. Why people sad? Others worried about what? Some things may be their problem too, but may not solve some things but you can. Go root of the problem, not floating on the surface, a few nice words is good, but more powerful. Normally should develop capabilities, the key moment will come in handy. A friend worried about scars after the operation, the thing I don’t understand, but I well versed in cosmetic surgery doctor friend, and know that imported drugs works well, so I bought her off.

Put yourself in, offer to help is often the most effective way. If you ask people directly “is there I can do to help? “Others may not be the nerve to say, exploring problems stretched out a helping hand, it would be better.

2, the restrained mood, control emotions.

One friend said, a friend died suddenly, widow of continuously received various telephone calls of sympathy, some people spoke and began to cry, widow to break the comfort of others in the past. This reverses the roles, although in good faith, but does not meet the purpose of comforting, emotional restraint of the restraint.

Some people with marital problems, so the men how a bunch of girlfriends called slag, urging a divorce, and later, the couple reconciled, and girlfriends also alienated. In such cases, the parties may call, no one else can, curse, not showing much loyalty, don’t scold, is not without concern, comfort comes in many ways, not necessarily had to scold a dog person.

Once upon a time, friends divorced and with her for a walk in the city, walked half a city, don’t talk, just to walk in silence with. She never scolded hubby, I did not mention. The man slowly fade out. She later organized a family very happy.

3, stand in each other’s point of view.

Frankly, some comfort like a show, just to express “I care about you”, “when you’re not happy, and I have no vacancy”, but is there to give you excellent value comfort, it’s bad to say. TVB dramas in the classic “you’re hungry or not? I’ll get you noodles “, though old, it really is true comfort, much better than the beginning. But it’s not enough, why not? Because just standing in their own point of view, without consideration for the other party: people like to eat noodles? If you want to eat the ravioli?

Anything happen, of course, a reason, not hindsight, show their Huan-ming, complain about each other’s missteps, because things have happened, and complained to no avail, not to mention the other heart is very bad, with reminders, as well to divert attention.

4, listening and company.

Gently hold other of hand, embrace, listening other of told, not interrupted, nodded response, help other wipe to tears, cooking to other eat, gift music and books, do other can transfer attention of things, not complained, not displayed bored, if think some words not convenient opening told, wrote e-mail or wrote in stationery Shang, convey mind, help other analysis encountered of problem, to out recommends of solution programme, help other connection available of resources, block other do hurt himself of thing, necessary of when, Trying to pull each other together to exercise and feel natural.
Who will encounter hard times in life, accompanied by friends to get through hard times, with warmth and meticulous care help friend alone in the night, the comfort is really moving comfort.

Can I choose to run?

Can I choose to run?

I am a teacher, I have a group of students, I have a wonderful family, I have a normal life.
The thought that my life will go on ordinary, but “5·12” disaster broke it. Moving floor shake. A scary Word as true grit blown head-earthquake!!! My mind went blank, my mouth was so nervous that I just can’t make a sound, all I disappear under the threat of death, only the legs in the run. When I come back to God, I have to run to the playground, I was safe. But from now on I have a laughable and lamentable names–running fan.
I have to say, I could have done better, can at least call on students. But I’m not.
Students ‘ questioning eyes, in the face of accusations on the Web even abusive, I am hard to argue, the more darker, I was humbled.
But I really want to ask, why do you accept shesheng’s martyrs, but not sympathetic to fear death deserter? Why you can commend to the rescue heroes, but cannot tolerate living mortals?
In the face of life and death, I can’t consider, I don’t have time to choose. I’m just a man, in the face of death, my anxiety, I fear; I’m just a man, and have more intense cravings.
When the stink when someone’s shoes to see, at that time, most people can sober reason to think?
I’m a sinner, I dare not ask someone for me, at least, to intercede for me, but I hope you can forgive me.
Someone asked me: “running fan, you’re sane, sane, right? If God gives you a chance to choose again, how do you choose? ”
I laugh at myself: “seems to be a dead, deserted. Takes courage to choose than of death! ”
With a trembling voice I asked myself:
Can I choose to run?
Is that OK?

Tomorrow’s Sun is new

Tomorrow’s Sun is new
After school, I picked up the bag, as usual, walked listlessly toward the direction of home. Outside views of the wind, and I seemed to have no relationship. You know, what is cold, my mood?
I am finally home, still opens the door, and ran to the window to see the back of small Aspen green figure. Well, I don’t know, why I became so close these days. I don’t want to talk to the students in the school, I do not chat with their parents at home. I think we are close at hand, but far away. All this is because I am a girl with a physical defect.
Compared with other people, I’m like an ugly duckling, never walk out of the shadows of sorrow, while parents are concerned about me, but how do I erase the sadness of the heart.
Since the sensible, loneliness is always with me. Years of life as a brand of Die Burger, no freshness, I don’t even know how to go back. I hate my ugly mouth, due to congenital factors, there is a crack in the mouth, so my classmates called me three mouths one by one the rabbits mouth. I was afraid of hearing the nickname, and to speak to students as little as possible. In countless nights I awoke from a dream. I’m starting to get less of few words, and I complain that God is unfair, I have no idea why God be so cruel to me?
Thought cold will accompany my life of life, did not think a man changed me, let me go out from the shadows of sorrow. She is my Chinese teacher. Language teachers like to see through my mind, and one day we met on the way to school, she smiled at me and said “little red, you’re beautiful! because you have a pair of eyes that can talk really envy you. “What?” am I beautiful? I can’t believe their ears, but raise your eyes at the sight of the teacher’s kind face, my heart began to melt as snow, start to blossom like a flower, my blood begins to boil! teacher, like a wisp of spring breeze in spring, wake me up immediately.
Climb up from the fall, I feel the caress of dawn first light, experience a taste of the germination of seeds of happiness in the heart. Also, from that day on, I found that weekday who felt “ironic” praise, became real today; weekdays that “weird” smiling face, gentle today … …
From that day on, I feel every day the Sun is full of vitality, I learned the true meaning of life: human life is not always perfect, the key for us is to have found a pair of beautiful eyes.

Comment: this article focuses on the narrative, but not rigidly, but through something, dig out the implication on philosophy of life: “one’s life is not always perfect, the key is that we have found a pair of beautiful eyes” this philosophy suggests that make the conception of the article suddenly be raised.
Articles describe scenes of write actions are fine and unique, Yang first started with praise with a teacher, skillfully playing on the waves of emotion, between the once ugly duckling suddenly changed attitude towards life, unique design.

You are in my heart

You are in my heart

Your school is loyal and brave guards soldier. Regardless of wind and rain, you still lay over there; you’ll be my middle school friends, whenever I encountered setbacks when you want to give up, your shadow will be floating in front of me, let me be brave.

Remember school at that time, I did not deliberately pay attention to ordinary you, until one day … …

The day was grey and raining, and punctuated with mine. Classroom was empty, I’m the only one who sat at the desk, blankly looking at playing with the Red Cross papers, the poor scores 1.1 points to pain in my heart, in the heart of the rain beating. Helpless, I walked into the hallway, letting rain sprayed into his face, clothes. By accident, I saw you and your partner waving in the wind and rain, and waist are bent. Fellow next to you are yielded, branches were broken down on the ground. I think that you will bow to fate, convinced, but you’re not.

Rain gradually stops. I am carrying a bag ready to go home, outside of the classroom, were surprised to discover you standing there! While blade off a lot, but branches are intact. From then on, I wipe the tears, decided to stick to work hard. Because you let me know who is always frustration, we should be brave to face; you gave me motivation, because I don’t believe they will be lost to you.

From then on, whenever I encountered difficulty, you stand the rain core drawing pictures will float in front of me, remind me to insist, encouraged me to try to fight to the end. I found that after the heavy rain, a seed has been secretly buried in my heart, began to germinate and grow.

Now, I have the third day, our time together the last 60 days. For more than two years, your exposure to Sun, wind and rain, and starting to get old. Wind great the next day, when I got to school, the ground is covered with yellow leaves you, but your stems are still intact. I never thought something like that would happen … …

Last Monday I went to school, saw the cruel scene–all the leaves you include a few branches have been virtually cut off! My heart hurt a little. When I was immersed in regret and grief when I picked you out the green shoots. You grow up very quickly, a few days to come up with many new leaves, now almost cover the branches. Your courage I admire you even more. After such a heavy blow, I find your leaf seems to be more green, and pleasant. My mind, cherish each break spent with you.

Soon, I’m leaving this school, but you’re not. But no matter where I go, you will continue to take root in my heart and gave me a firm belief.


Suddenly, I remember Youth passes as a fleeting wave., left home for 5 years, but I often miss it, because it is my root, which is the place where I grew up, I will never forget it.
Today, I finally got back here. But in my heart, there is a sense of bitterness, but I do not know why. Probably because of a long time.
The wheel, with a deep sense of love, through the mountains, I came back. Shuer, I saw the familiar mountains. It is not the mountain of hometown? Is, is the hometown of the mountain. I seem to be excited, not I I do some excitement. At that moment the car round the corner, I found a man standing on the grey-haired anxiously waiting for, who is she? Is she my grandma? I hesitated for a moment, the car is close, I also see clearly, is my grandma. The car stopped, I ran off, and my grandmother hugged tightly together, it is the mood is really nothing to say……
After a walk in the home at last, but the native desolate but I feel sad: low house, barren land, there is a group of old fogey…… In short, I am very disappointed in the current situation of the home country.
The outlook of the hometown is always bothering me. I don’t know what I can do for my hometown. What can I do when I grow up?……
The deposition of pain a cold winter, you, my grandfather died, with many wounds. At the end of the time, your face is so hard to bear, it is so helpless, so that you feel pity……
You are a full set of Cangsang years tricycle, on the last voyage, quietly away from me. The sunset on your serene face and a deep blue sea, boundless in Guanghan sea aimlessly drifting, until you are exhausted from the nature of the weathering resistant.
Only a short while ago, you taught me in the narrow courtyard when 1+1 is 2, how much you laugh, how happy ah, when I carefully lit your smoke, you how proud ah.
Time like running water, no matter how I catch up, to no avail. I feel cramped and even at a loss, anxiety, fear, heart coming to an inexplicable sadness. I try hard with my body strength, back both the poetic time, but I still forget, was eventually buried the wonderful love deeply, even once I remember clearly please face, in my mind with the wind, as if from you, my life in sorrow forever, forever.
One day, I came to you to sleep, here, I look up at the sky, overlooking the earth, for the song without words, tears, heart thoughts of torture……
I came to the small courtyard, trying to find the memory of the residue in here. Suddenly, I found the Opium bar, it is quietly standing in the corner, I seem to see me lay down beside you, you give me a good story……

The Great Wall

The Great Wall
Long history of building the Great Wall, the magnificent works great, is the world’s rare miracle. The Great Wall goes stretching in the four corners of the world, our great motherland vast land. It looks like a dragon, over mountains, through the vast prairie, across the vast desert, toward the vast sea. According to historical records, there are more than 20 countries and the feudal lords Dynasty hasconstructed the Great Wall if constructs each time the Great Wall together, there is more than 100 thousand miles. Which Qin, Han Dynasty, the 3 dynasties and the length of the repair the Great Wall are more than 10 thousand. Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Henan, Shandong, Hubei,,,,, Hunan, and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have the remains of the ancient the Great Wall, the peak fire station. Which only the the Great Wall in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reached more than 3.
The Ming Dynasty in the “outside” of the Great Wall, but also the construction of the “inside” and “Three -” the Great Wall the Great Wall. “Neiguan” the Great Wall in the Qi of the building as the foundation, from the junction of Inner Mongolia and Shanxi in the west of the East Pianguan, Yanmenguan, Zhucheng flat off into the Hebei, and then turned to the northeast, Fangshan, Changping, the source of the county, to pass, then by the North and East, four customs, and “” outside of the Great Wall to the Huairou is connected to Zijinguan as the center, roughly north-south. “Three -” the Great Wall in many places and “inside” the Great Wall in parallel, in some places two cities are separated by only dozens of years. In addition, but also the construction of a large number of heavy city”. Yanmenguan vicinity of the “city” has as many as 24!
The Great Wall is the miracle of the Chinese ancient working people. Since Qin Shihuang began, the construction of the Great Wall has been a big project. According to records, chinshihhuang used the nearly million labor force the construction of the Great Wall, the country’s total population of 1/20! There were no machinery, except the earth, brick can be used to transport the donkey thegoat could climb a mountain cattle, are all rely on human labor, work environment and the cliff, high mountains and lofty hills. Can imagine, no large crowd of hard work, is unable to complete this huge project.
The great wall of the project, according to a rough estimate, onlyconstructs take the Ming Dynasty as an example, if the masonry, earth to build a 1 meters thick and 5 meters high wall, more than a week around the earth. If it is used to build a 5 meters wide, 35 cm thick, it will be able to circle around the earth three or four weeks. If the total of 100 thousand stock calculation of all dynasties, is the long wall around the earth several weeks, this road, around the earth for thirty or forty weeks.
“Because of the terrain, the Cypriot insurance system” is an important experience of the construction of the Great Wall, in Qin Shihuang’s time already affirmed it, Sima Qian put it into the “historical records”. Each dynasty after the construction of the Great Wall are in accordance with this principle. Every isconstructs Guan Chengai the mouth all the right and wrong choice in the valley between two mountains or rivers transitionplace. Pingchuan or contacts must pass through, so as to control. It can save manpower and materials, in order to reach the “one man opens” effect. The construction of the castle or the Beacon Tower also is the choice in how to place as for to construct the city wall, it is to make use of the terrain, such as Juyongguan, the Great Wall in Badaling are along the mountain back of the building, some sections from the outer wall looking very dangerous, the inside is flat, “easily defensible” the effect of. In the territory of Liaoning in the Ming Dynasty, the town of Liaodong the Great Wall has a call Shanxian wall, splitting the gable, is to use the cliff, the cliff slightly truncates becomes the Great Wall. Take full advantage of the cliffs, some local rivers and lakes as a natural barrier, it can be said that Art beats nature..
The Great Wall, as a great project, has become a valuable heritage of the Chinese nation.
The Great Wall location
The Great Wall is located in the north of China, which is located in Shanhaiguan, Bohai Bay, Hebei Province, province, Gansu Province, the west to inland areas of Jiayuguan province. Across Hebei, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and other seven provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, a total length of 6700 km, with about 13300 in the world for the “Great Wall” reputation.
The history of the Great Wall
The Great Wall in the north of China, began in the Warring States Qin, Zhao, Yan three kingdoms. Why are they in the sparsely populated north to build such a huge cost of manpower and material resources in the Great Wall? What is the role of the the Great Wall at that time? What value? This article will talk about these issues, for your reference.

Hello ,Four seasons

Throughout the year, spring and autumn and winter, the wheel of time slowly past, leaving a deep shallow trace. Look out the window to flower Xie Hua, looking at the sky white clouds, different seasons have different flavor. The beauty of the four seasons let me intoxicated, I am not surprised to greet the four seasons: hello!

Every “Jasper makeup into a tree, 10000 dropped the green silk sash” season, so the spring is near. Enjoying delicate spring stroked my face, enjoying the fragrance hearty Chunyun, gently stroking a plume of slender branches, our wishes to spring, bless her once again blooming new life, bless her again for us, nature to add beautiful scenery, bless his life henceforth colorful. I can not help but to the spring greetings: hello.

“Two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, a row of white egrets on the sky”. We feel the summer’s boom and the. Everything is exciting, when we realized, summer is unrestrained, is bold. Far from the way we hear him call, hear the warm music. I can not help but to the summer greetings: hello.

Enjoy “parking Fenglin love to sit late red flowers in February.” The scenery. Let us remember the “profound friendship a thousand feet deep, less than Wang Lun gave me love.”. We turn to the height of her life, the vigor of the heart. I can not help but to fall greetings: hello.

In winter, we breathe Lamei emitting a seductive fragrance and indomitable spirit. The north wind was blowing, people wear thick clothes, animal burrows to hibernate, until next year’s spring. Little swallow without a trace. Rivers have a thick layer of snow, with snow when the flowers withered. I can not help but to winter greetings; hello.

The scenery of the four seasons, the change of the season, have different flavor; the beauty of the four seasons, let us indulge in. I can not help but to the four seasons greetings: hello.

Let me move one day

In life there are always so that a day, let us unforgettable; life always have so a person, so that our cherished; think of him. Will inadvertently fall a small crystal tears……

That was three years ago; that year, my father insisted China primary school, I went to the city in the study. The thought of leaving home, to a strange place to study, the heart will open brain pain. Two days before leaving, I said to my father: “dad…… Can give me…… Buy a cell phone?” Dad immediately put down his newspaper, a face seriously to me said: “you a child to Deng for what” I confluence explained: “Dad. I have a cell phone, you can contact your g can contact my classmates, no. I was flustered, yelling: “what time do you ignore my feelings, to the city reading is! – I rushed into the room, holding the pillow to cry, a good ah! Go! Anyway, away from the you better, more free!”

At the train station that day, dad told thousands of million Ting injunctions must take good care of my mom and Dad, what seems to want to say to me. But I don’t go. Don’t bother him. Mother quietly told me: “you know, I know, do not blame my father. Dad is now in the business of the company, and do not want to let you know.” My mouth should be, but still feel the liquid to come out in the Yao Pu, the heart is aching.

On the train, I was sitting at the window, my father in the window to say goodbye to me, I still low head, not to see him. When the car started slowly, my father suddenly slipped out of the window and gave me a small bag, which I didn’t want to pick up, but so many people were looking at it. I opened the bag and found that Ricci was actually the phone and charger! And a small piece of paper, “baby, Dad hope you can understand, the thing is not easy to get, we must learn to cherish and take care of yourself. Dad always supports you! “I immediately regardless of people’s eyes, stretch out his head:” Papa “distant father to me recruited beckon with the hand, MI water lakes die the father’s shadow.

That day, I learned a lot of. Learn to cherish, learn to accept love, these are all my father taught me. I’ll always remember the day when I moved!

Our memorial


Time like water, always carry the life of the bearing, to the endless sea, as a warrior, not turning back.

Want to use the hand to stop the time goes by, but found that it can still from the finger gap stream walk I think to stick to new items of the calendar, but found that it had no complete.

After tomorrow, we will have a junior high school life. Three years not to do. When I walk on the quiet campus is, but here we are carrying too much of too much love, laughter and tears. Looking back, we are not poor.

At the same table, thank you, you ever excitedly said to me, we are the longest time in the class of a group, you smiled and said we were in high school to do sit at the same table Xi. I am smiled, lightly said Austin “OK”, the heart is abnormal surging. I think you look desperate pain in my stomach, think you didn’t eat breakfast buns hot hands. We never fight in. Because we believe that the differences can’t be separated from our friendship, misunderstanding can’t bury our hearts. I am not a cold-blooded guy, when you give to me, although said no thanks, but know how to be Lian, and you will understand it! Say, we must be at the same table together. In the day, our calendar will not be incomplete.


Xiao Ning, I’m sorry, we are really from primary school to junior high school for nine years. Although you can change the people around you to have doubts, but I understand that you are sincere to me. Although some misunderstanding that we interrupt communication, but in the heart there are thousands and thousands of words want to say to you. Is not that good to be good friends? I heard you in the sports senior high school entrance examination for me to encourage you, refueling let me see a ray of sunshine in the ice. The original we have not forgotten the commitment, I want to hug you, say sorry, our sincere, will clearly show in the calendar a corner, never fade.

Back, it turns out we have a Deng shed, morning came, saw the writing on the blackboard full of blessings and encouragement, my heart is warm.

We learn together, play together, there is sorrow we bear, have fun together we share. Dear students, now we are sitting in the examination room. To pursue a dream and to work hard, we sincerely hope that we can work together, to get a satisfactory school, to find the front of life.

Can’t stop the passage of time, but can feel it through. Flow over, leaving its mark. Our memorial, I will always remember in heart.

A beautiful scenic line

go to school


Remember when I was in junior high school, I feel both strange and curious about the school etiquette team. Every day into the school, I feel that there are more than two dozen pairs of eyes watching me, and so uncomfortable, face hair trade, eyes not under, rapid heartbeat, the soles of the feet do not speed up the pace, the head of the lower head hurried forward. But I do not know, my heart also spontaneously rises a kind of admiration: every morning to put on red background of Huang Yu ribbon stood at the school gate, I saw so many students walked from the front, shouting “students first”, this is a how beautiful scenery line!

Really desire to become a fact. The school is only a month, teacher came into the classroom with a ribbon holding, said our class must also select the etiquette team. I “die hard grind”, and finally was chosen. Although our etiquette team did not suit and tie, although we do is every day in the morning and at noon at the school gate to the teachers and students with a sound good, but holding Zhenggang sent to the hands of the ribbon, I still feel heavy.


The second day, we came to school early. Since it is the first time, a few girls to get all flurry and confusion to fasten the ribbon correctly for a long time,. We are tempted excitement, holding a bird jump at the school gate. The school has students in succession. “Fast line, good t station” shout “,” shout! “The leader of the students take a deep breath, a loud shout out the first sound:” students early W with one one science — early – “we have been crying out of the question. “Not engage in the 1,” we thought in a hurry. Leader of the students soon and shouted a sound: “classmates early!” this time we coordinated much, mental hundredfold neat uniform shouted: “classmates early!” to see the teacher, in addition to shout loudly “good morning, teacher”. Also even to take a true 90 degree bow. The teachers are all under one. Nodded gently: “the students are back!” the kind of language makes us feel warm and proud.


Now, every morning, when I push the cart into the school, first saw always bright a scenery line in students stand on both sides of the gate of uniform team of etiquette. They show you the civilization, courtesy, health, the campus landscape. At this time, there will always be a clear voice sounded –  I was in the hearts of two warm, a vibration, give me a good mood of the day. I from perception to the campus civilized fashion, and the fine tradition of Chinese nation of ceremonies also in the continuous skyline flourish.