To dream

The dark weather has given me a wet mood.
I think of a moment, even in a dream. I dreamed of the cuckoo, three of the cuckoo. The bright cuckoo has stung my eyes.
Three flower
My birth was doomed to death, I was destined to be different.
Spring I look forward to a bright, Qingming Manshanbianye azalea open unexpectedly, the branches covered with the crystal like songs!
We call for the azalea azalea, the red all over the mountains and plains! Make me out of the loneliness.
When the cuckoo flowers I used to walk in the mountains, Rhododendron, and breathing the air in the mountains. In the cuckoo flowers habit I happily run, run, run, never run a red Rhododendron, tired, I will lie in Rhododendron trees look that freedom of the sky, then I laughed Huazhiluanchan
Wind, will you come? This year the cuckoo is covered with a hill, do you come?
I know that you will come, and you will come in without the easy, because you have me, I am waiting for you.
Day, gradually dark down, I don’t want to go home, I will wait for you, waiting for you to send me home. Where are you, the wind! The wind, come and take me home!
The sky is full of stars, the cuckoo lost luster, I do not have to wait, but I do not want to leave, do not want to go back to the world, not to see the secular people, do not want to touch those hypocritical face. Leave here, I will be lonely.
I know, I will die in the near future. Since the cat next door saw me hate son I know I will die in the near future. Things reincarnation, die, not what a terrible thing.
I belong to the autumn, the valley of the small yellow, autumn grain mancang. The cuckoo belongs to spring. I love the cuckoo, across half a life and death, I am looking forward to this year’s cuckoo flowers, can you, did not come, my wind.
The world does not belong to me, I do not belong to this world, I reject all the world, in addition to the cuckoo flower.
Cuckoo flowers, and thanks again, I cried and cried. Spring has passed, autumn is coming, I want to go back, but you, did not come.
Manshanbianye azaleas, stinging my eyes, waiting for three years, my wind, you still do not come, three roses withered rhododendron flower falls in the Mountains lie in the blood.
Autumn comes, I go.
The sky is full of dark clouds, tomorrow is a bad day.
The prodigal son woke up from the dream, his eyes hanging a drop of crystal like tears!

Dancing Elves

It, walked with light steps, the deciduous paved the carpet, dancing, although there is no accompaniment, it still happily dance…

So, the leaves whirled, dancing in the wind, a ring, and a piece of. Although the falling leaves in the fall, but still to the autumn of the last a little bit of beauty, until the depletion of life, it is still beautiful! In this way, the autumn leaves in the eyes of the vision of the dance, such as the general light silk, such as the rainbow in general……

His dancing through the woods, so birds flew away in droves. Autumn is not like you! Do not! No, because autumn is so beautiful, it so good. Oh! I discovered that each piece is written on the leaves densely small print, let the birds fly south in autumn beauty obviously not suitable for them.

I have to stay here! Whether spring, summer, autumn and winter. Autumn, it is waving at me, it is with the wind blowing piece of fiery red maple leaves, so that Maple Leaf has become the autumn of a landscape. When people are still sleeping, with a graceful dance autumn maple leaves infected, so they dance together. Nature is no longer its own, it has now become the exclusive arena autumn ……

Autumn is just like a lamp, have no gorgeous appearance, but the heart of light; autumn like a ball of fire, as if who dare not close to, and it is so warm; autumn like a cloud, overlooking the earth, never forget send a touch of charm, a trace of blessing; autumn like a firefly, in the dark of the earth send is light and happiness!

Autumn is a leaf, a piece of a piece in the dance, regardless of whether the wind or rain; autumn is a migratory bird, carrying a blessing, carrying a good, carrying a beautiful, flying to the south! But wherever it flies, the heart is always closely linked with us!

However, it is still dancing, in the vast expanse of the sky, it in the dance, it will never stop, it is a spirit, an angel, we love cast its wings…

Hello ,Four seasons

Throughout the year, spring and autumn and winter, the wheel of time slowly past, leaving a deep shallow trace. Look out the window to flower Xie Hua, looking at the sky white clouds, different seasons have different flavor. The beauty of the four seasons let me intoxicated, I am not surprised to greet the four seasons: hello!

Every “Jasper makeup into a tree, 10000 dropped the green silk sash” season, so the spring is near. Enjoying delicate spring stroked my face, enjoying the fragrance hearty Chunyun, gently stroking a plume of slender branches, our wishes to spring, bless her once again blooming new life, bless her again for us, nature to add beautiful scenery, bless his life henceforth colorful. I can not help but to the spring greetings: hello.

“Two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, a row of white egrets on the sky”. We feel the summer’s boom and the. Everything is exciting, when we realized, summer is unrestrained, is bold. Far from the way we hear him call, hear the warm music. I can not help but to the summer greetings: hello.

Enjoy “parking Fenglin love to sit late red flowers in February.” The scenery. Let us remember the “profound friendship a thousand feet deep, less than Wang Lun gave me love.”. We turn to the height of her life, the vigor of the heart. I can not help but to fall greetings: hello.

In winter, we breathe Lamei emitting a seductive fragrance and indomitable spirit. The north wind was blowing, people wear thick clothes, animal burrows to hibernate, until next year’s spring. Little swallow without a trace. Rivers have a thick layer of snow, with snow when the flowers withered. I can not help but to winter greetings; hello.

The scenery of the four seasons, the change of the season, have different flavor; the beauty of the four seasons, let us indulge in. I can not help but to the four seasons greetings: hello.