Our memorial


Time like water, always carry the life of the bearing, to the endless sea, as a warrior, not turning back.

Want to use the hand to stop the time goes by, but found that it can still from the finger gap stream walk I think to stick to new items of the calendar, but found that it had no complete.

After tomorrow, we will have a junior high school life. Three years not to do. When I walk on the quiet campus is, but here we are carrying too much of too much love, laughter and tears. Looking back, we are not poor.

At the same table, thank you, you ever excitedly said to me, we are the longest time in the class of a group, you smiled and said we were in high school to do sit at the same table Xi. I am smiled, lightly said Austin “OK”, the heart is abnormal surging. I think you look desperate pain in my stomach, think you didn’t eat breakfast buns hot hands. We never fight in. Because we believe that the differences can’t be separated from our friendship, misunderstanding can’t bury our hearts. I am not a cold-blooded guy, when you give to me, although said no thanks, but know how to be Lian, and you will understand it! Say, we must be at the same table together. In the day, our calendar will not be incomplete.


Xiao Ning, I’m sorry, we are really from primary school to junior high school for nine years. Although you can change the people around you to have doubts, but I understand that you are sincere to me. Although some misunderstanding that we interrupt communication, but in the heart there are thousands and thousands of words want to say to you. Is not that good to be good friends? I heard you in the sports senior high school entrance examination for me to encourage you, refueling let me see a ray of sunshine in the ice. The original we have not forgotten the commitment, I want to hug you, say sorry, our sincere, will clearly show in the calendar a corner, never fade.

Back, it turns out we have a Deng shed, morning came, saw the writing on the blackboard full of blessings and encouragement, my heart is warm.

We learn together, play together, there is sorrow we bear, have fun together we share. Dear students, now we are sitting in the examination room. To pursue a dream and to work hard, we sincerely hope that we can work together, to get a satisfactory school, to find the front of life.

Can’t stop the passage of time, but can feel it through. Flow over, leaving its mark. Our memorial, I will always remember in heart.

A beautiful scenic line

go to school


Remember when I was in junior high school, I feel both strange and curious about the school etiquette team. Every day into the school, I feel that there are more than two dozen pairs of eyes watching me, and so uncomfortable, face hair trade, eyes not under, rapid heartbeat, the soles of the feet do not speed up the pace, the head of the lower head hurried forward. But I do not know, my heart also spontaneously rises a kind of admiration: every morning to put on red background of Huang Yu ribbon stood at the school gate, I saw so many students walked from the front, shouting “students first”, this is a how beautiful scenery line!

Really desire to become a fact. The school is only a month, teacher came into the classroom with a ribbon holding, said our class must also select the etiquette team. I “die hard grind”, and finally was chosen. Although our etiquette team did not suit and tie, although we do is every day in the morning and at noon at the school gate to the teachers and students with a sound good, but holding Zhenggang sent to the hands of the ribbon, I still feel heavy.


The second day, we came to school early. Since it is the first time, a few girls to get all flurry and confusion to fasten the ribbon correctly for a long time,. We are tempted excitement, holding a bird jump at the school gate. The school has students in succession. “Fast line, good t station” shout “,” shout! “The leader of the students take a deep breath, a loud shout out the first sound:” students early W with one one science — early – “we have been crying out of the question. “Not engage in the 1,” we thought in a hurry. Leader of the students soon and shouted a sound: “classmates early!” this time we coordinated much, mental hundredfold neat uniform shouted: “classmates early!” to see the teacher, in addition to shout loudly “good morning, teacher”. Also even to take a true 90 degree bow. The teachers are all under one. Nodded gently: “the students are back!” the kind of language makes us feel warm and proud.


Now, every morning, when I push the cart into the school, first saw always bright a scenery line in students stand on both sides of the gate of uniform team of etiquette. They show you the civilization, courtesy, health, the campus landscape. At this time, there will always be a clear voice sounded –  I was in the hearts of two warm, a vibration, give me a good mood of the day. I from perception to the campus civilized fashion, and the fine tradition of Chinese nation of ceremonies also in the continuous skyline flourish.

Hello, Senior high school entrance examination!


Time flies, suddenly, we have come to the holy temple, came to this place for three years to make my dream. Tip is still “rustling” playing beautiful music,, in an upsurge of emotion, I want to shout: “Hello!”

With three years of youth writing young frivolous feeling , writing at the vicissitudes of life. We sometimes silent little official, scribbling on the title of the sea; we sometimes enjoy laughter, for bitter problem of success puzzle to pride, a West began thinking about the future direction of the life. We recall the past, by hanging to volatile wine or sadness, but always sail, with a dream, he sailed again.

Senior high school entrance examination, your life is the fruit of a plump, sour, sweet, bitter, hot all in one. Although you short, but compared to the Ministry show fireworks, the more your frustrations and long. You may not only carry flash moment, more life blueprint, life power!
Exam, are you with me aborigine’s longing and yearning, we loaded with no longer past sweat and eye Juan, end of you is not the only thing in life, but on the way to the end for our junior high school life ruthless reported to the West on a ten day number.

Exam, are you with me aborigine’s longing and yearning, we loaded with no longer past sweat and eye Juan, end of you is not the only thing in life, but on the way to the end for our junior high school life ruthless reported to the West on a ten day number.

in exam

In the exam, how do you do? On the way to your path is covered with thorns, has been a thorn in the skin and painful to cry. Also has thorn on the road to find a direction and feel even at a loss, worked in the punishment it leaves picked up a flower blooming flowers) l and laughed, more thorns make scars and pain and suspected contact…

Through the groundless talk in my heart, the face has not been extinguished, but more and more senior high school entrance examination, I am strong!

Not the wind, I am afraid already rotten branches I not rain, I am afraid long dry down in the gully; light is not, I am afraid had dim gray black; is not hot, I’m afraid already weary and ugly. Thank you for giving me the mature bones expose to wind and rain, thanks to the sun light gave me mature handsome!

That time may fade out the words, wear the book, But they will never be able to erase this
memory all eternity……


Tip is still “rustling” playing beautiful music, however. At this my heart more committed! I feel strong that I will overcome this June, grey skies,to meet the brilliant sunshine!

Hello, Senior high school entrance examination!